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Jason Wunsch

Proudly Serving Fuquay-Varina Since 2013

Meet Jason

Hi, I’m Jason Wunsch and it’s been my privilege to serve Fuquay-Varina as Town Commissioner for the past 8 years.

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished as a community and look forward to the opportunity to continue doing my part to make Fuquay-Varina one of the best towns in America.

You might recognize me from my Facebook page, Today in the Quay, which I started in 2014 to share daily positive news about our community. Since launching the page, I’ve played an active role in sharing important happenings in Fuquay-Varina through over 10,000 posts and counting!

In addition to serving as commissioner and publishing Today in the Quay, I own and operate the Wunsch Law Firm with my brother Chad since 2001.

It’s been wonderful to call Fuquay-Varina home for over 25 years and North Carolina home for 34 years. I’m a graduate of Mars Hill College, Campbell Law School, and have attended classes at the UNC School of Government. 

I’m also the proud father of four children including the newest addition to our family “Baby Quay”.

Jason Wunsch & Baby Quay

Jason Wunsch in the Community

Jason’s love for Fuquay-Varina shines through his involvement in the community as a town leader and active resident.


When elected in 2013, I met with our new Town Manager Adam Mitchell and expressed my desire to begin working toward solutions for our town’s escalating traffic congestion. We immediately began the groundwork to strategize for traffic mitigation, hiring consultants to plan and design solutions for our town’s busiest intersections and finalizing plans to complete Judd Parkway. Through the hard work of our town board and administration, Fuquay-Varina was awarded millions of dollars in competitive transportation grants. Since then our town board has approved $45 million in road projects that are recently completed, currently being designed, acquiring Right-of-Way, or actively under construction.

Timeline of Infrastructure Improvements

Spring 2015 – Our town board formed a traffic committee to analyze ways to decrease traffic congestion in Fuquay-Varina.

Fall 2015 – We passed a bond to help pay for traffic improvements to our busiest and most congested roads.

Winter 2016 – Through collaboration with community leaders, the traffic committee submitted a report of their findings and recommendations to the town board. 

Winter 2017 – Our partnership with NCDOT and the great efforts that have been made to address traffic were recognized and praised by former North Carolina Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson.

Spring 2018 – Sunset Lake/Purfoy/Main St Intersection improvements were completed. ($686,400 of the $858,000 paid for by grants.)

Fall 2018 – Bridge St Sidewalk was completed. (80% funded by grants.)

Spring 2019 – NE Judd Parkway operational improvements were completed.(73% covered by grants.)

Winter 2021 – Old Honeycutt Rd & Purfoy Road Intersection Improvements officially opened. (75% paid for by grants.)

Winter 2021 – The Park Depot Greenway extension officially opened at the end of January 2021. (Fully paid for by grants.)

Spring 2021 – NW Judd Parkway, the final section of the Judd Parkway Loop, is now complete and operational! (1/2 paid for by grants)

2022 – The town will begin work on three other projects in which Federal Highway Grants were previously awarded but delayed. Combined, these grants total over $6 million and the six projects range from widening Sunset Lake Road in the vicinity of Broad Street and N. Main Street to adding lanes at the intersection of Judd Parkway and South Main Street near the Community Center. 

Over the course of the above years, our Board also helped accommodate and usher in Express Bus Service from Fuquay to Raleigh, which has seen its use increase over the last several years.

Parks and Recreation

At the beginning of my term, a survey was distributed regarding what new items the public most wanted to see in our Parks and Recreation Department. One of the highest scoring items was a Splash Pad. I envisioned this facility as a great way to bring our community together. This was a project that I took the lead on, pushing hard for it to happen, ahead of other projects that were planned. The result was an awesome facility that opened in the Summer of 2015. Adding to, developing and expanding our parks has been a great passion of mine, as I believe parks are an important amenity in our Town that help bring us together.


Timeline of Parks & Recreation Projects

Spring 2014 – Centennial Square has been used for regular, free outdoor concerts.

Summer 2015 – Our award winning Splash Pad officially opened and ranks as one of the Top 10 Waterparks in North Carolina.

Fall 2015 – We opened the William Freeman Park.

Fall 2015 – I traveled to Nashville and met with the manufacturer of our Splash Pad, who said that our Splash Pad and how we promoted it, was being used as their international model of a successful water facility in a community. Many neighboring communities have since copied what we have done.

Fall 2015 – Falcon Park was extensively renovated to include new playground equipment, picnic shelter, concessions, a new performance lawn, and paved trails.

Spring 2016 – I pushed to have a brand new bathroom/changing facility outside the Splash Pad, which is now fully functional. In 2021, a new filtration system was installed, allowing us to save water by recycling the water.

Fall 2016 – Refurbished Old Honeycutt Park.

Summer 2018 – We refurbished the W O Council Gymnasium and its basketball court. We also added a full basketball court to South Park.

Spring 2019 – The Town acquired the former Golf Course at Crooked Creek with plans to reopen a completely renovated first rate park.

Summer 2019 – We refurbished Action Park, its tennis courts and playground.

Winter 2020 – We completed a major remodel of Fleming Loop Park, which houses many of our soccer fields. After an extensive $5.5 million renovation, Fleming Loop reopened with upgraded amenities including 7 new multi-purpose fields, a concession stand, restroom facilities, playground equipment, a walking trail, and road improvements along Fleming Loop Road.

Winter 2020 – The former Golf Course at Crooked Creek reopened with 143 acres of public space including five miles of paved trails of varying elevation, open green space, multiple ponds, and a wide variety of wildlife including turtles, fish, and herons.

Winter 2020 – Fuquay-Varina Mineral Spring Park had its bridge replaced and had the Spring secured for flooding, through embankments.

Summer 2021 – The Board voted to repair the bridge at Carroll Howard Johnson Environmental Park.

Summer 2021 – We built bathrooms at James A Campbell Park. 

New Police Station

In 2017, our town board recognized that our police station was too small to meet the needs of our growing department so we began to strategize cost effective ways to utilize our existing infrastructure to serve the department. In 2020, we converted the former Town Hall into a newly renovated, state of the art police department, which more than doubled the size of the former police station. One of the many exciting features of this station is the evidence room, and how evidence can now be preserved and stored. I voted for this renovation because I felt that it would meet the growing needs of our Police Department for many years to come.

The Arts in Fuquay-Varina

A Cultural Arts Center has been talked about in Fuquay-Varina for decades.  During my first term, I served on a Cultural Arts Center Planning Committee, served as the Board liaison to the Fuquay-Varina Arts Council, and was a strong advocate for building an Art’s Center in Town.  This became a reality in March of 2015, as our Board approved the building of a Cultural Arts Center in the heart of our Downtown.  The process involved a lot of planning and engaging public input to ensure that the many mediums of art could be accommodated in the Art’s Center.  The Art’s Center was designed by the firm that designed the DPAC. It opened on March 18, 2019!

Public Services & Utilities

Our Board addressed that our water sewer treatment capacity was too small for our Town’s anticipated growth. Thus began an important investment in increasing our water sewer treatment capacity so that growth in our community could continue. The construction of the $34 million Terrible Creek Waste Water Treatment expansion began in May 2016 allowing for treatment capacity to be increased from 1 to 3 million gallons per day. The plant was officially placed into service in June 2018 with a public ribbon cutting ceremony in March 2019. Our Public Service Center was also too small and very outdated. In 2016, a brand new Public Service Center was built to accommodate the increasing demands placed on Town departments. Our Board made the investment to run fiber along our Town, and partnered with Ting in 2018 to bring fiber connection to our area. Our Board also completed an update of our Town ordinances, and completed a land use, transportation and parking study, to help us better plan for our Town’s future needs.

Investing in Our Downtowns

Our Board recognized the importance of maintaining vibrant downtowns. In 2016, our Town took over the Main Street Program. Our investment began immediately, hiring consultants to help with our strategic planning for developing mixed use property in downtown Fuquay. Our investment also included acquiring several different key downtown Fuquay properties, including bringing a state of the art Town Hall to Downtown Fuquay in 2019. We also partnered with our Museums for “Heritage Day,” a day in Ashworth Park that values and celebrates our Past. I assisted in bringing in a presentation on Tar, Pitch and Turpentine, which was a big hit and returned for multiple years. Our Town also invested in the Downtown project “The Q”, bringing mixed use to downtown and additional parking spaces.

Economic Development Plan

I was excited to be part of the construction of the Town’s first Economic Development Incentive Plan that was published in 2015.  The Bob Barker Company was the first industry to take advantage of this plan, to expand their operations and bring additional jobs to Fuquay-Varina. Mark Doble, owner of the Aviator was next awarded the incentive plan for a major commercial project, including restaurants in Downtown Varina (now under construction).

Branding Our Town

Our Town began an comprehensive rebranding process that had not been done since the 1980’s. We went through an extensive public engagement process, with over 1300 people participating with input regarding the rebranding of our Town. Our rebranding effort was nominated for a regional award in 2016 and has helped in advertising and promoting our Town. Fuquay-Varina has been and continues to truly be a Dash More!

Today in the Quay

What was originally intended to be a small, local page devoted to promoting happenings in Fuquay-Varina, exploded into a very large page (21,000+ followers), covering many of the positive things occurring in Town. I have connected with many residents and organizations through this page, and it has helped bring our community together. In 2019 and 2020, Today in the Quay was recognized as the Best Blog in the Triangle. I was also an Indy Finalist for Best Politician in Wake County, 2021.

Planning For The Future

While many exciting and helpful projects have been accomplished by our Town Board over the past eight years, there are many more important projects that I am committed to working with our Board to get done. The following list contains some of the things that I will work to achieve with our Board over the next four years. 

1) Continue Traffic Management and Mitigation and seek grants to pay for as much of the cost as possible

2) Finalize plans for our future water supply in Fuquay-Varina

3) Continue development of our parks in Fuquay-Varina, including an emphasis on Hilltop Needmore Park, given the size of the park and how much it is used by the public

4) Pay our staff competitive wages, including our police and firemen who are in high risk jobs. This will also help in the recruitment of a diverse workforce

5) Build a new community center/senior center to meet the urgent needs of our community

6) Recruit businesses in Fuquay-Varina that cater to family entertainment services

7) Continue development of our Fuquay-Varina Arts Center to bring in high quality, desirable entertainment

8) Responsible Growth, promote and keep our development in preferred growth areas, where there is already infrastructure to support the growth

9) Continue to plan and promote outdoor activities for our community

10) Work with the developer to get the Gold Leaf Outdoor Mall underway and completed

11) Promote additional mixed use development, for living with easy access to shopping

12) Continue to revitalize Downtown Fuquay, and additional future partnerships for mixed use development in the Downtown

13) Maintain transparent government, through live meetings and social media

14) Build our future fire stations to meet the needs of our growing community

15) Seek and develop future greenway space in Fuquay-Varina

16) We purchased and developed land to attract a large commercial industry to come to Fuquay-Varina. Recruit a company to fill this space.

Accolades Under Jason’s Tenure

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Nov 2, 2021